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CSW010 What's Cookin'? Cookbook or Organizer

$ 5.00 $ 25.00

What's Cookin' was originally created as a Cookbook and filled with CSW families' favorite recipes.  Cover design was created by one of our very own CSW students.

This is in a hardbound, 3-ring binder format to easily add more pages of your very own recipes.

What's Cookin' can also be repurposed as a handy Organizer.  The Organizer Inserts are available for purchase on our store website as well, product CSW013.  The Inserts included are the following: College Ruled Filler Paper, Durable Pockets, Durable Page Protectors, Blank~Monthly & Weekly Calendar Pages, and Write-On Plastic Dividers.  This Binder must be purchased separately for the Organizer (for our inventory tracking purposes).

For more details visit our Organizer Inserts product description CSW013. (inserts not included, but can be added, are resized versions of the CSW Family Directory, Teacher Directory, CSW Calendar, and much more. How great to have this information kept in one safe place for ease of availability). 

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